21. Juli 2024

„Austrian Artist Named Artist of February 2024“

Lisa Einkemmer, a self-taught painter from Austria, has been recognized by BE OPEN Art for her exceptional talent and creativity. Working primarily with oil and acrylic paint on canvas, Lisa's artistic journey began just a few years ago. With a background in graphic , her transition to painting has been seamless, with her drawings and illustrations now evolving into stunning works of art.

For Lisa, painting serves as a means of exploring the intricate relationship between individuals and their surroundings, a theme that is evident in her captivating pieces. BE OPEN Art, a platform that celebrates emerging artists who focus on social awareness, philosophical depth, and aesthetic solutions to contemporary challenges, has chosen Lisa as a shining example of artistic excellence.

BE OPEN Art is dedicated to discovering and promoting new voices in the art world, inviting audiences to engage with thought-provoking works that address issues such as inequality, environmental sustainability, and consumerism. Through its Artist of the Year program, the initiative recognizes outstanding talents like Lisa, providing them with a platform to share their vision with a global audience.

Founded by philanthropist and entrepreneur Elena Baturina, BE OPEN is a global initiative that champions creativity and innovation. Through a series of conferences, competitions, exhibitions, and cultural events, BE OPEN aims to inspire individuals and foster groundbreaking ideas that will shape the future. In 2023, the organization launched a regional competition to showcase artists who embody the unique artistic identity of their respective regions, a program that will continue to evolve in the years to come.

As Lisa Einkemmer takes her place as the Artist of February 2024, BE OPEN Art celebrates her dedication to her craft and her ability to capture the essence of the world around her through her art. Her journey as a painter exemplifies the spirit of creativity and innovation that defines BE OPEN's mission, inspiring artists and audiences alike to embrace the power of art as a force for positive change.