19. Juli 2024

Austrias Fitz blüht als Top-Goalgetter auf.

Austria’s Dominik Fitz has been in absolute top form since the league restart, leading the scoring charts with five goals this year. The 24-year-old forward is under contract with the „Violett“ until summer 2026, with their upcoming match against BW Linz at home on Friday. Expressing his disappointment with his performances, Fitz stated, „I have higher expectations for myself, especially after last season. I haven’t been able to replicate my form.“ Despite starting the season with three assists but no goals in 17 games, Fitz turned things around in the spring, scoring five goals in the last six matches and currently topping the goal-scoring charts for the year.

Acknowledging his improvement, Fitz explained, „The goal against Hartberg was crucial, it was a turning point for me. I’ve been positioning myself more aggressively upfront, which wasn’t the case in the first half of the season.“ Coach Michael Wimmer praised Fitz’s footballing abilities, stating, „I believe ‚Fitzi‘ is one of the best players in the league. He can be overly self-critical, affecting his confidence unnecessarily. He has found his place on the pitch now, allowing him to move freely while still fulfilling his tactical duties. I aim to continue developing him, as his running and sprinting stats are exceptional.“

With a contract at Austria until 2026 and a market value of two million euros, Fitz is one of the most valuable players in the squad alongside Krätzig. Should he maintain his impressive form, a summer transfer could be on the cards. Fitz, however, remains cautious about a potential move, stating, „I won’t rush into a transfer just for the sake of playing abroad. It has to be the right offer for both the club and myself. I need to feel comfortable with the decision.“

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