19. Juli 2024

Girl In Red live in Wien: Taylor Swift’s Protegé.

Norwegian artist Marie Ulven, known as Girl In Red, is making waves in the pop world with her second album „I'm Doing It Again Baby!“. After opening for Taylor Swift on tour, she has gained a larger fan base. The 25-year-old will be performing live in Vienna for the first time in September. When we spoke with the relatively unknown Marie Ulven three years ago, she was on the cusp of a major breakthrough and appeared poised for a successful career without the backing of a major record label. However, the lure (and contractual terms) of industry giant Sony Music proved too strong, leading to the global distribution of her highly anticipated second album. Girl In Red gained attention with her early songs, which became popular on TikTok and the internet. The single „I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend“ in 2018 became a kind of pop anthem for the queer community, with the question „Do you listen to Girl In Red?“ often implying a connection to lesbian identity.

With the release of her second album „I'm Doing It Again Baby!“ in April 2021, Girl In Red achieved significant success. The album reached the top 10 in the UK and garnered a strong following in Scandinavia and the Netherlands for its light-hearted pop sound with indie influences. Despite limited promotional resources, Girl In Red became a popular new talent in the USA through online streaming. A pivotal moment for Ulven was being chosen as a support act for Taylor Swift's concerts in 2023. Swift, Ulven's musical idol, played a crucial role in her development as a musician. While Swift's mentorship was important, Girl In Red was ready to emerge from her mentor's shadow and release her second album. „I'm Doing It Again Baby!“ was highly anticipated and strategically delayed to build anticipation. The album continues Girl In Red's focus on self-reflection and mental health themes, reflecting her personal struggles with anxiety and OCD.

In the album's opening track, Ulven sings about her journey to self-acceptance and the challenges she faced. The album's lead single, „Too Much,“ explores the pressure to conform and hide one's true self in society. Girl In Red's introspective themes are juxtaposed with catchy melodies, showcasing her ability to blend deep emotions with accessible pop music. While the album leans more towards mainstream pop compared to her debut, Ulven retains elements of indie and experimentation in songs like „New Love“ and „Phantom Pain.“

Girl In Red's upcoming performance at the in Vienna on September 22 marks her debut in Austria. Tickets and event information can be found at www.oeticket.com. Despite some commercial polishing, „I'm Doing It Again Baby!“ solidifies Girl In Red's position as a rising star in the music industry, with potential for further growth and collaborations in the future.