15. April 2024

Stella am Stockerl: Sieg für unsere Köpfe

Stella Rossa's Futsal team clinched the top spot in the regular season but suffered a bitter defeat in the semifinals. Despite securing three runner-up finishes in previous seasons, the team had to settle for third place this year. The coveted championship title continued to elude the Vienna-based squad as they were unable to fulfill their dream once again.

Their hopes were dashed in a crucial match against FC Linz in the Best-of-3 semifinal series. The Stella Rossa Futsal team faced a crushing 0-6 defeat in the decisive game at the Südstadt, conceding four goals in just seven minutes. This setback extended their wait for a championship title since 2015.

Head coach Aleksandar Ristovski acknowledged the team's misfortune, stating, „The ball just wouldn't go in. It was very unlucky and not our day.“ However, they managed to end the season on a positive note by securing a 12-8 victory against Klagenfurt in the third-place play-off at the Rundhalle in . The team took an early lead of 4-1 within 22 minutes, with Alec Flögel, son of Austria legend Thomas, scoring twice in the final minutes.

Ristovski reflected on the season and identified areas for improvement, particularly highlighting the lack of training facilities during the week as a hindrance to the team's performance. Despite this challenge, he praised the high quality of the squad, emphasizing their dedication to the club and their voluntary involvement. Stella Rossa also boasts the highest number of national team players in Austria, showcasing the team's talent and commitment to the sport.